The most important kitchen appliance for the modern home and restaurant for 2010 - induction hobs

The most important kitchen appliance for the modern home and restaurant for 2010 - induction hobs

Induction hobs quickly become the norm for many commercial kitchens and homes all over the world. There are countless advantages over the cooking element of the traditional electric element, and when the price of induction units falls, they become a very correct challenger for the gas boiler.

If you do not know the induction cookie concept, it is because there is still relatively unknown technology, especially on the average consumer market. The advanced technology has meant that the cost of an induction apparatus compared to a corresponding gas unit has been much greater. For the last three or four years, the big households have been hooked on this technology and began to reduce the cost per unit and implement the technology to affordable consumer products.

The science of induction cooking is simple: Cooking heat is generated when an electromagnetic coil embedded in the ceramic plate is turned on and an iron-metal pot is placed on the cooking plate. When the pot is removed, heat production stops immediately. With this in mind, you should understand that any non-ferrous objects: a ceramic plate or your hand, for example in contact with the cooking area, will not give rise to heat even if the item is turned on. This fact alone contributes to one of the many safety benefits of induction over electricity and gas sources, without even considering the efficiency aspect.

Induction hobs offer unrivaled energy efficiency over all other forms of cooking. Yes ... even gas! At 50-60% efficiency: gas boilers save almost half the energy through poor conductivity. A gas boiler also creates a risk of explosion due to leakage or accidentally leaves the supply after use. Gas boilers provide instant heat, no waiting for the hotplate to warm up. An induction hob offers as fast heating and incredibly accurate temperature control. Everything like a gas stove can do; An induction hob can do better. And with 90% efficiency its hard to find any disadvantages to them!

There are really countless benefits of using induction:

Safety features - The induction hob only heats the bottom of the pan and the food in it, surrounding areas does not heat up enough to burn the user or someone else; curious children for example. The induction elements are extremely safe and the risk of fire is greatly reduced compared with gas rivals. (Kitchen fires are the cause of many accidents at home and in commercial environments). Most modern induction hobs are also delivered with a long list of auto-safety features as standard, for example. auto shutdown, anti-overvoltage, small object detection and many more.

Controls - Commercial units usually come with simple rotary control buttons that provide a robust solution to a busy kitchen environment. Many household models are equipped with touch-sensitive pillows that adapt very sensitive variable heat settings - from swimming to full cooks or to keep the food warm.

Maintenance and care - Because the cake does not generate heat, no spillage is wasted on the surface. Because the cooktop is only a smooth ceramic surface, a simple wipe with a damp soft cloth or use of a non-abrasive cleaner is sufficient to keep the pans clean and shiny.

No unnecessary heat - Because the cookware itself does not heat up; Kitchen equipped with induction appliances is essentially cooler. The elements do not generate heat or use any energy at all after the tool has been removed. This can make a big difference in busy commercial kitchens, which helps reduce the cost of cooking and cooling the kitchen.

In a modern kitchen: functionality is most important. Now, I hope you agree that induction hobs are undoubtedly the dominant power of the cooking world. You can mark my words that induction becomes the only cooking method for future kitchens. With unsustainable fuel sources becoming obsolete and energy efficient, the impact factor for all major economic decisions makes it easy to understand why induction has a major impact. If youre still not convinced: you just have to take a look at one to realize the amazing style and elegance. It will not be long before you cook for induction ... you can trust me on this.

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